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The Answers You Need

You may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Debit Cards to pay for a tickets.

What payment options are there to buy tickets?

In many cases the Event Host will include our service fee, credit card processing fee and sales tax along with the price of the ticket.

What are the additional charges on my ticket order?

Yes. This also allows the event Host to contact you in case there are changes to your event.

Do I have to create an account to purchase tickets?

If the event specifies that an electronic copy of your ticket will suffice then you may not need a copy of your ticked printed. will determine this. Some events may not be scanning the QR code from your phone or ticket and may just want to see a paper printout.

Do I need to print my ticket?

NOTE: smallishEVENTS system auto-directs all ticket sales credit card payments directly the event host bank account.  So we never see (or have access to) your payment information.

  1. Make sure your ticket meets refund requirements. Some events will state if a ticket is     non-refundable. Others will have a date at which the ticket may no longer be refundable.

  2. All ticket payments go directly to the event host.  So, if you’re ticket meets refund requirements, just login to your smallishEVENTS account.  Search for your event, find the event hosts email address and sent them an email.

  3. In the Email Subject Line put: Ticket Cancellation & Refund Request. Then give the ticket event, date, and amount of the refund requested.  Be sure to type your name, email address. NOTE: most refunds through a credit card processor typically take about 5 business days from the date the refund is approved. The event host has nothing to do with the amount of time the bank card processing takes place. 

OTHER OPTION: Since your ticket has the Event Host email address on it, you can directly email the host without logging into your smallishEVENTS account.

However, we encourage you to login to your account.  It will give us a record of your request. We do not have any access to the hosts credit card account so we cannot handle a refund. However, our Terms & Conditions & Merchant Agreement we require that the event host honor qualified refunds. If they do not, we may ban them from using our system again.

If the Event Host does not refund a qualified ticket …we suggest you Call Your Bank.  If you used a credit card Call Them.  They may be able to get your money back.  Debit cards are a more difficult but call your bank and see what they can do.

How do I cancel a ticket and get a refund?

How can I see what upcoming events I hold tickets to? Login to your account and your Dashboard page will show the events you hold tickets. You can choose the Receipt option to print another copy of your receipt or ticket.

I didn't get a confirmation email or lost my receipt email.

Event Hosts are required to send an email notice if their event has changed times or dates.  We send them reminder notices to do this. However, if the Event Host doesn’t make the change in our system we will not be aware of any changes. The person who purchased the tickets is the point of contact for the Event Host.  If an event is canceled and you do  not receive a notice, let us know.  We will provide you with the Event Host phone number and email address.  Sometimes in larger organizations the person who set up the event within our system is not the person running the event.  So, sometimes lack of communication within an organization can cause a bad circumstance.

Will I be alerted if the event cancels or changes the date?

Yes, we charge a smallish flat transaction fee per ticket.

Do I pay smallishEVENTS fee per ticket or per transaction?


The Answers You Need


  1. Login to smallishEVENTS set up an email login and password.

  2. Set up your event name, date/s, time and info and pictures.

  3. Place a bank card on file.  On the date of your event we will charge your card on file our transaction fee for each person registered.  

  4. Complete the credit card processing Pre-Application so all ticket sales funds will go directly into YOUR bank account.  We never see or touch those funds. You are required to have a business bank account (not a personal account) to set up a merchant processing account number along with your EIN (or SSN) or Non-profit number.  You will complete other basic info like street address etc.

  • The bank card processing company will typically take less than 48 hours to notify you when your merchant account has been approved.

  • After you receive their notification you can go back into your smallishEVENTS account and PUBLISH your Event and it will begin ticket sales.

  • NOTE: Sales tax will be calculated for you on each ticket sold based on the rate for your state. Those funds are also deposited directly into your bank account along with the ticket sales deposit. Since smallishEVENTS never touches those funds, it is your responsibility to remit that sales tax revenue to your state.

What do I need to get started to host an event?

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